Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Bound

I am just not used to being house bound. Now that the surgery is done I am in the recovery mode. My foot is getting better each day I hope. I went to the Post-Op appointment on Monday and he said the foot looks good. He had an x-ray done and we took a look at it. When you look at the big toe you see the socket is now metal and stands out. Then you look back behind the ball of the bone and you see two screws. My goodness they look big for that size of bone. I asked him if he was going to take them out. I was just kidding of course but he said no need to take them out. I think he thought I was serious. So now I wait to go back on Tuesday next week and he will take the stitches out. One week closer to being able to walk on the foot. I have been playing Zynga Poker the last few days for the heck of it. It is free and at least I am playing. I am working on some Micro poker at the .02-.05 NL cash game. I am unable to give specifics about this but at least I can play some live. You will see my bankroll is starting at $5. Last night I was able to get it to increase by $1.01. That is a good start. I am not sure what my goals are for this but it is a start. I would like to move up but not sure when I would like to try the higher level. I am in my first week of the 3 weeks of not being able to work out at Club 24. I am anxious to get back to my schedule and keep up my program of loosing weight. Last I checked I was at 227 pounds. As long as I don't overeat while I am off I am hoping I will not gain much weight back. This is a constant struggle. Have a fun day.... Bankroll = $230 Bankroll = $6.01

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