Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Three of the areas I truly stay away from are politics, religion and sexual behaviour. There are so many views and the arguments start when you get going into any of these topics. That is why I will stay away from them. Now that the election is done I hope to see all of the signs come down in a rather short time frame. Our lives will continue, and we must live within the parameters that we have. All of the new laws, new taxes, higher prices and what ever else is put upon us. I guess the two that have me stumped for the state of Washington is the new law for recreational use of pot. The other is the same sex marriage. I am not going to discuss the same sex marriage one since I don't want to and I don't have to. I am leaving that one alone. The other one is the recreational use of pot. I guess we can all now start our own farms and grow pot and then sell this to the recreational users. What does this do for all of those in jail having been put there for being in possesion? I do see that the state will make money by charging a 25% tax on growing, then a 25% tax on wholesaling and then a 25% tax on retail. Maybe the state found a way to make up the deficit. The other part of this is the fact that I am still unable to play online poker in my own house in this state. We have asked to be taxed and still nothing. Our lives are not important when it comes to smoking pot but the state wants to protect me from myself in spending my own money when playing a game that is a skill level game. I must say I do enjoy my time in the casinos and I don't mind playing the games there, but the games available are not what I would like to play with the bankroll that I use. You see, I don't use household money to play the games. This is my recreational money and I always hope it is growing to allow for bigger games. Plus being in a smaller town the casinos are not the tribal casinos that attract a lot of people. If there was a way to move to another state I would do it but I have a home here in Washington and that would make it hard to sell and move to another state just for poker alone. That does not sound reasonable. For now I must move forward in trying to find a job and taking classes to see if at 56 years old I can move into a new career. Can I get hired? We will see. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $180

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lightning36 said...

Some of the political stuff that happens makes no sense at all.