Friday, November 02, 2012

Lost My Drive

I really need to get this thing in gear again. It has been a rough number of weeks trying to get myself back to playing and doing something. I have not played any live for a couple of weeks now. I have been letting my bankroll just sit until I have the right frame of mind to get back and play again. This unemployment thing has really got me second guessing myself. I don't mind trying to find a job but then all of the other stuff I have been doing at Worksource and now looks like school in January. I keep screaming I don't want a career at my age I just got out of that a few years ago. I really enjoyed watching the WSOP this week. I was rooting for Merson and he won. There was some good plays made by all of them. I was surprised that Balsinger made it so far but he really turned it on in the later stages. I was really surprised the Hungarian chose to go all in with that much of a chip stack unless he really felt Merson was not going to call him with the all in. I watched until about midnight and then had to go to bed. Wow, it went almost 12 hours til the end. I will have surgery in a couple of weeks and will not be able to get on my feet so that will be interesting as well. Wish I had online poker, that would help out while I am down. Crutches here I come again. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $150

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