Monday, November 05, 2012

Sunday Poker

I finally got out of the house and went down to play some poker. I entered the Freeroll event the Casino has going in the bar area. This is not connected to the poker room and is run a little differently. It doesn't matter it is still poker being played for some cash. First place is $50 and a seat into the final table at the end of nine weeks and they are playing for $500 prize pool. Today I made it to third place and walked away with a $25 gift card for the casino and if I play the $2-$4 limit game I could buy in for $20 and recieve $5 extra in chips. I am all over that since I will be in the black before I even started. When I finished with the tournament I did go into the casino and sit down at the $2-$4 game. During the short session I was able to get K10 and I ended up getting the high hand with a KxKxK on the board. Now if I could get the game to last a couple more hours I would get $50 for the High Hand. That didn't work out since the game only lasted about 30 minutes after that. My luck in not getting that HH. I did end up with a $5 positive. Overall the day was good. We have been working on the house and we got the tub out of the master bathroom and now I will turn towards working on the toilet, sink and floor. Since it is still a functioning bathroom I hate to completely tear it up since the money comes in slowly in trying to rebuild it. We are good at deconstruction and slow at construction. This week I have appointments with Worksource and have my orientation in the computer room for some classes. Putting in my three job applications per week is going alright. I have a hard time putting job applications in unless I know that I can really do the job and would like the job I am applying for. There are some who just put out applications just to get the no and I can't do that. Just doesn't feel right. So many things run through my mind for small businesses that I feel I could do myself. I need to just take the time and see if any of them would work. All of this takes $$ of course. I wish it were easier. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $180

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