Monday, November 19, 2012

The Weekend Ends

It has been a good weekend of playing poker. I went down to Joker's Casino and signed up for the Freeroll. This is week number eight and we only have one more week of tournament play until the nine of us will play for the $1,000. This will take place on December 2 and with the people already in it should be a good game. The person that won the seat at the end is another known player that I have played against for some time and that should help as well. He is very aggressive and will play a LAG type of game. I just hope I have good position on him at the final table. As you can see I did not win the extra seat but that is fine. Like I said we have another week to go. I did get another opportunity to sit down at the $2-$4 limit game. Again I started with my usual buy in of $20 and this time since we played the freeroll I was given a card for $5 extra at the live table. After about 30 minutes of play I was up over $40 and again I started thinking about the amount I have and getting up and leaving before I gave that back to the table. Then my mind went to the comment by FlushDraww and I figured this was about me and not my thoughts about what others thought about me. Plus it was an opportunity to get back to where I was to start the weekend. After the button went by me and I played a couple more hands I took my chips to the cashier and went home. I felt good about the night. I have to remember this $2-$4 game is so small and it doesn't last a long period of time so whatever I can get is what I will build my bankroll with. I have to remember my goal and keep building anything towards that $500 so I can start playing the $2-$10 limit game. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $230


sevencard2003 said...

wow do u update ur blog a lot. where is the $2-10 spread limit game what casino and what are the blinds? wish vegas had that game

Steve said...

I have fun with the blog and since I write about other things as well it just encompasses what I do. I live in Eastern Washington and the Casino is a small local one. Jokers Casino. We have three in our area and the main one puts on a $2-$20 game that is good as well. This area seems to like the Spread games and we don't see the 3-6, 4-8 unless it is Omaha. The blinds are $1-$2 in the spread games. Thanks for reading.