Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have been getting ready for the surgery coming up this Thursday. I started a computer class this past week as well. Poker for the weekend as been fun. Working out at Club 24 and my weight loss journey. I went in on Thursday to start all of the pre-op and finished up on Friday. I am ready to go and it will take three weeks for the foot to be ready for some walking or at least weight bearing. Since this will be the right foot I will be unable to drive so that will make everything very interesting. Considering I am still trying to get employed and must put in my job applications. Now, even though I can't walk doesn't mean I can't look for work. It just means I will be on crutches. One of the items I am doing at worksource in conjunction with our community college is computer classes. I have two that I will be doing and one of them I started this past week. It is the class on Windows 7. It is basic information but since I have never gone through it I want to make sure all of the computer stuff is taken care of before I start taking more classes in this. The next one is on the computer concepts. I started a class a few years ago for the C+ class and it looks something like that. I just want to get through these. Not being able to drive for three weeks will slow me down definitely. I played in two tournaments this weekend. The first one was Saturday night at a pub and it was fun. There were about 24 players and in that situation we all had to take our turn in dealing. I didn't do well but it was fun to get out and play. I then played in the Free Roll on Sunday at the local casino and I got first place and a seat into the final tournament with a prize pool of $1000. That was important to get this seat and have the opportunity to win some money. I did win $50 for this tournament as well. That always helps the bankroll. I am still working out at Club 24 and I have gotten myself pretty tired. I have been doing the 3 miles on the treadmill and 8 miles on the Recumbent Bike. I haven't made it all of the way through the bike riding the last couple of days. I have been tired and just unable to finish. I have been at least getting my walking in on the treadmill. I don't know what my weight is right now since I have been staying away from any scales. I just don't want to know. The surgery will have me not exercising for at least three weeks so that will be interesting as well. I will have to make sure I don't gain weight just sitting around with my leg elevated. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $210

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