Monday, February 13, 2012

Charity Event

On Sunday we had the charity event and it went well.

We ended up having over 50 people play in the tournament and with the silent auction we were able to raise over $1500. It went great and the players really got into helping with this event.

This morning I went to the casino to play in the tournament. I didn't last long. My mind has not been into the game lately.

As I have written in the past my Mom has Alzheimers and Cancer. Both are in their end stages. We arrived at the Care Unit this afternoon and she was alert and acknowledged us. Right after she drank some water and we had a chance to talk to her she closed her eyes and she did not open them up again during our visit. We left for the day.

About an hour later I was called and notified she is now unresponsive and her breathing has changed. We are now waiting for the call that she is gone. Actually she has been gone for a while now. Alzheimers took her away from us years ago. Cancer is the one that is taking her now. Right now I can't think about anything else but try to get my Dad through this event that is going to happen to our family.

Stick with me I will be back to poker.

Hope you have a great Valentines Day.......

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