Friday, February 24, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Today is a very important day for me at the tables. This is where I want to do my best and qualify for the Sunday 40.

I am going to start out with a regular tournament and see if I can get one more voucher which would help pay for this evening tournament. This will also be the warm up to the next tournament at 3PM as that is the first qualifier and if I can get in the top 10 will move me to the Sunday 40.

If that does not happen I will have one more try. I will be playing the second qualifier this evening to see if I can get into the Sunday 40.

This will be three tournaments today. I will need to be focused and be very patient and wait for the cards to come to me. I will also try to make some moves on the table from position to gather chips. I have been dealing to these people for a number of months now and I do understand which ones I need to stay away from and which ones will play cards that are not optimal. My advantage from a dealer stand point.

I will also be playing the live cash game inbetween the tournaments to try and cash a little bit and help pay for the tournaments I am playing. Always trying to increase the Bank Roll.

Last night I went in and sat down at the live table playing $2-$6 and in 45 minutes walked away with $30 added to my BR. After the tournament I decided to go home, instead of playing, to be with Cindy. I have been putting in enough hours I just wanted to be home. I know I don't talk about my bankroll very much but I will say I have now built it up into the 4 digits. Got to keep working at that.

You know I have been trying to loose weight. How to do it and I need some type of motivation. I was awake early and thought that the one way I could do this is with Subway. What would happen if I ate nothing but Subway for a month. I could do my cooked cereal in the morning and then a salad or sandwich and then in the evening another sandwich or salad. I could do that for a month. I would then walk or jog around the neighborhood on a set path and see what happens for the month. Could I loose the 25 to 30 pounds to get myself under the 200 mark? Wouldn't hurt to try. Maybe start date will be March 1. I will let you know.

Have a fun day.......

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