Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Dentist

I did get to play on Thursday evening. I arrived back at the casino after taking the bus home. Since the bus does not run at night I needed to get home and then quickly changed clothes and headed back to the casino. I was able to sign up for the $2 tournament. Actually when you get done paying for the extras it cost $7 to play. Not bad as I also brought two cans for the second harvest and received a T$500 chip. Total starting count was T$2500.

The tournament was going well for me and I was playing well. My final hand was QQ's and I ran into someone with AA's. I couldn't catch the Q so I was out.

I then went over and sat down and started playing the $2-$6 Spread Limit game. I did well and got my chip stack up around the $170 area from my usual buy in of $100. We changed the game to $2-$10 Spread Limit and I was not getting cards. Every time I would play the flop just wouldn't work out for me.

I did put in about three hours for this session. I was going to leave at 9PM and I ended up going until 9:30. In that short of time I took my chip stack down to $80 and figured it was time to leave for sure. I wanted to leave when I got down to my buy in or if I had built it up I would have left ahead but I was pleased with my play just card dead.

My last hand before I left is what took me down below my mark. I had a Kx in my hand and a K came on the flop. I bet and then a flush possibility came on the turn. I didn't have the flush but then the person I was playing against said he didn't have the flush and if I did he was beat. I ended up calling thinking he had a pair and my K would beat him and he turned over a set. Ok, I didn't play that one well.

I got home and since I had the doctor visit in the morning I took my Valium and went to bed. I had my visit in the morning and when I got home I went back to bed and slept another 6 hours. I had taken 3 valium over the course of 10 hours just to get through the experience of the dentist. I don't remember a thing and thats the way I want the dentist experience to go.

Got a call in the afternoon that my Mom was not doing well so we spent the evening with her. I know she will leave us soon and it is hard to watch her go through both Cancer and Alzheimers. It's alright Mom we love you and everything will be alright.

Have a fun day.......

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