Monday, February 06, 2012


I got to work at around 10:30 yesterday morning. I have been writing down the rules of the poker room and wanted to complete it before anyone else got into the room.

Yesterday was the day that I started showing the business cards I purchased for the poker room dealers. It will make it easier for the rest of us to pass out these cards and maybe bring in some new players. So far new business cards and some new seat cards will help us.

When the day was done at around 6PM for me I had dealt two tournaments and then a continuous live game in between. I was tired after all of that and I hadn't eaten since 9AM. Being diabetic that isn't good. I was able to sit down after all was done and took my Blood Sugar. Naturally it was low and could have been part of what I was feeling.

Is this really worth it? Am I happy at what I am doing? These questions started going through my mind. I haven't been playing much poker lately due to being tired and my mind just isn't in it right now. My Mom's situation is getting closer to being done and then watching my Dad who has already stated he is tired and would like to just go to sleep. Hard to deal with some of this.

Today we had a poker player that actually yelled at me. I understand he does not want anyone to color up his chips during play. He wants to use them as showing he has a big chip stack. If the players are watching they know what he has and shouldn't be scared of the few extra stacks that are in smaller denominations. I did get him calmed down and didn't take anymore chips off of the table while he was there.

Now that this is the next day and I have had a night to think about all of this and my blood sugars are fine I am sure I need to go back and look at my goals and get back on track as a poker player. Start studying the books and working on my WSOP Academy notes again. There are things I can do that will help me and I need to start being focused.

Today is an off day and we will see what gets done. I will visit my Mom and see how Dad is doing. Concentrating on them right now.

Have a fun day.....

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