Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Morning

Today I don't need to be at the casino as early as the other days. The first tournament starts at Noon.

Yesterday was an enjoyable day for me. It was different. Usually we would have a tournament at 3PM and because we didn't have enough players show up it was cancelled and we had a live cash game running.

This game ran for about 4 1/2 hours. Two of us alternated in the box every 30 minutes to give ourselves some down time. I will say it was the best afternoon I have spent in quite awhile only in that I am getting used to the live play. We have our usual players and will mix in some new ones that just happen to drop in. It's money on the table and it helps the casino as well as the dealers and everyone is having fun trying to get the Monte Carlo's.

Something else that I have been wanting to mention about Island Casino is that we have some of the most giving people playing. Yes, there might be an alterior motive but it works. Back in November we started a can drive for one of the Food places in town. Figured we would do this for Thanksgiving and then it stayed on for December for Christmas. Our players were bringing in 2 cans to get some extra chips for the tournament they were playing.

Here it is February and our players are still bringing in can goods. Yes, they like the extra chips but the food place is getting two big 55 gallon containers full of cans in about a months time. It has been great to watch our players continue to help others.

This next week we are going to have a charity tournament for one of our dealers who spent time in the hospital. He lost a lot of time and hopefully this will help for some of his expenses. There will be a silent auction held as well. Helping others is always a good sign for a family of dealers, and great players.

Have a fun day.......

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