Thursday, February 02, 2012

Doing my Job

I dealt some of the live game before we sat down and started the tournament. Dealing the morning tournament went well and we were able to finish before the next one started.

In the second tournament it started out well and during the middle of it we had a person go out and the button was being moved. I actually moved the button to the next person and then stated what the blinds where to be for them. Immediately I get the person that is supposed to be in the big blind complaining he already did the big blind. I informed him he called in the big blind and would put the blind out. His friend next to him started in on me as well. Saying I need to learn the game.

I asked them if they wanted me to call the floor and they said no and we continued with the way it shoud be. The next hand they started up again about the blinds and that I need to learn the game. I told them to stop and move on to the next hand.

On the third hand I started hearing this again and so I called floor over and had them push me out of the box. I was livid and was not going to listen to it anymore. When the next break came I did re-enter the table and took control right away and did not have any other issues with the players.

Even though I know I was correct in what I did I let the players get to me and that was wrong. We as dealers work hard to give the players a game that they can come in and play. Whether it be $2 or a $5 tournament we strife for the best and honest game. The players need to understand we are not robots and problems can occur. That is why we have a floor person to back us up in whatever decision is made.

Hopefully today I won't have any issues and I can get through Thursday. Tomorrow morning I have a visit with my Dentist. I am not a fan of dentists and will be taking my Valium starting tonight and one in the morning so I can get through the visit. In that case you will not hear from me until friday afternoon maybe. Depending on how I feel.

Have a fun day......

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