Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Day has Arrived

Yesterday I dealt some live and then two tournaments. Now is the time to start getting myself mentally prepared and working on my strategy depending on who is at my table. I like to have goals and will work out what I want them to be. I also will go over some of Annie Dukes ideas in her book. Anything to be focused on what I need to do.

Now, this tournament is a bounty and that will play just a little bit different than a normal tournament. I need to be careful on how I approach each bounty. Any time I have played this format I haven't chosen to risk all of my chips just for the bounty chip. I usually will work on them chip wise and then let someone else take them out. This time they are worth $50 per top player. There will be 2 per table to start and 10 overall top players with 40 of the qualified players.

I did play some live yesterday and earned back one buyin. After Friday loss I am happy to just get a little of it back at a time.

I am also working tonight from 5PM to closing. I have done that once before so I will try it again tonight. Hopefully it will not be a late night. Does that mean I hope there isn't much of a live game to keep us going? Doesn't matter really.

Tomorrow is my day off and I will be working on getting the obituaries into the papers. There are things that need to be done and I need to work on them as well. This has been such a big weekend for me.

Here is the picture of my Mom. I Love You and Miss You.

This will be the Obituary Photo.

Have a Fun Day........

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