Thursday, February 23, 2012


I had a good day yesterday. I dealt a couple of tournaments and then I came home to work on some of my Mom's stuff and get more of this completed.

Starting tomorrow this will begin my big weekend. I have achieved the top two in one of the tournaments to receive my voucher to play in one of the four qualifying tournaments. I have chosen to play the first one at 3PM Friday afternoon. This will let me know right away what I need to do for the rest of the weekend. If I don't reach the final table in the first tournament I will play the second and pay the full price.

My plan for today is to try and get the second voucher. Since I will be dealing the first and second tournament today my only chance left will be tonight and friday morning. This will also be used as a tune-up for the Sunday tournament if I get that far. Notice I say if. My plan is to get there and I won't give up and I need to make great decisions.

I am really focused right now on my play. Now lets get it done.

Of course I am really torn with excitement and also trying to deal with the loss of my Mom. Everytime I talk about her and think about her I start to cry. Yes, men have feelings too. I want to dedicate this weekend to her but also don't want to bring disappointment if I don't achieve my end results. I want to know that I played my optimum and gave it all I have in being mentally prepared.

I am also trying to make contact with a personal trainer for loosing weight. I am so tired of being overweight and I need to change my lifestyle and I am asking for help to get this done. Since October of 2011 I have lost 28 pounds but I have another 50 to go and I really want to get there. I am sure it would make me feel stronger and mentally better. We will see what happens.

I keep adding to my plate but everything is good.

Have a fun day......

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