Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I would hope everyone that reads this blog understands that this chronicles my ups and downs in the poker world. I love the game and I get frustrated at times with my play and the people around the game. This is me and nothing else. You are seeing a portion of my life and how I am dealing with it. I am at around 600 hits per month and I think that is great to have people reading what I am putting in this blog. I am open to comments if you have anything to say.

Yesterday I ended up going over to play some live cash poker at $2-$6 spread. I have found that I don't do well during the day playing this game. I do better in the evening though. I am not sure of the reason and will have to find out why. I know I put less money on the table during the day than night. Am I disregarding the amount of money and don't care? It is a big difference. Do I play a bigger range with less money on the table? Questions I need to ask and find out.

After the live game I decided to play the 10AM tournament which costs $2 to enter. I lasted for awhile and then my AK ran into a straight. Not bad play. I am playing a few more tournaments now and feel better about my game. I then decided to go ahead and play the $5 tournament next at Noon. This time I made the final table and went out 6th place. I ended up playing 104 and getting a 10 on the flop and then lost to a river flush. I was being blinded out and was card dead for awhile so when the big blind came around I took the chance. Very pleased.

Today is our $25 tournament so we will see what happens and how many players we will get.

Right now I am working on my bankroll to get it up higher and then I will try to maintain it at a bigger level. At this time I can do this with my working and playing and watching the levels in the bankroll. I do have a goal in mind of where I want to be and then I will see what happens when I start using that roll extensively again. One thing I can say about the bankroll is I haven't dropped to zero dollars so I know I can maintain the level. I want to play a bigger game and this will allow that. I keep looking at the $2-$20, $2-$40 games and would like to try them out. There are some of the same players there that play the $2-$10 game.

Have a fun day......

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