Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Day After

It has been 24 hours now since my Mom has passed away and I really don't feel any better. I understand this will take a while and I will work through this. My efforts now need to be turned to my Dad and make sure he gets through this as well. The planning for the memorial will start soon and we are looking at March 10 and this will allow people to plan and be here if they are able.

Today I am also getting back to work in the casino. I will be dealing today in one or maybe two tournaments. For myself I need to be active and not just sit around thinking. I quess it is my way of working through my loss.

I have been going over my play in the tournament on Friday. It was important that I get the voucher for the next tournament this weekend. I would like to get one more voucher but will settle for one and try to make the best of my opportunity.

I have been reading the book "Decide to Play Great Poker" by Annie Duke and it has helped me think about what I am doing and why I am playing the hands that I am playing. What is the plan for every hand I play? I have been working at getting more people out of the pot so I am playing more one on one and then working the position I am in. So far in the book I have gotten to Pre Flop and Raising so the next area of study is going to be Post Flop play.

I would love to read this book fast and get the information out of it to use but then again I may not remember what I need to do and loose the thoughts that I need to work with. If I can get myself deep into the qualifying tournament with the knowledge that I have so far I would be happy with myself. It is good to have goals.

Everyone have a good Sunday and be kind at the table..........

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