Wednesday, February 08, 2012


We were able to get one tournament off yesterday. The one tournament that I like to see play and deal in is the Noon $25 tournament. It didn't happen. We didn't get the players this week. There are other casino's in the area so someone must be putting on a game that took our players away. It would be nice to see one page that would list all the games in the area where a person could actually see what is happening in each casino.

The poker manager talked to a couple of us about our dealing and the need to work on speed especially in the live game. This is something I need to work on. In fact I have 3 areas I would like to focus on and get better at. I am getting better at chip counting with all ins but it still takes a little bit when you have a number of them at one time. I had a spot with 5 people going all in with different amounts.

The second one is speed of getting the cards back out to the players. I am concerned with not turning cards over when I should just try to get them out and not worry about anything else.

The third one is reading the cards faster and trusting my read. When three or four people turn their cards over I want to make sure I am sending the chips to the correct person. I even have people tell me they have a straight when they don't just to make me go back and read the cards again and that takes up time for me.

I was reading somewhere that if you have your dealer badge you can play in the WSOP dealer tournament. I never thought of that. That would be an opportunity to play in one of the events at the Rio. That is a thought and I will need to look into that a little bit more.

During one of our down times yesterday the poker manager and myself played some headsup. Bad move on my part. It only took a couple of hands and my chips were in his stack. It was fun and it would be great if he would be able to coach me in tournament play. I have never asked him that question but it would be someone that knows my game and what I do. I have asked if I could pick his brain on questions about tournament play but the time to do that has not been available. I like to watch him play when he does sit down.

Today we have two tournaments again and will do some live game as well. The usual stuff on a daily basis. I have not been taking the bus to work this week as I have been taking care of some business for my parents after work. Today is no different. Maybe tomorrow I can ride the bus and save some gas.

Have a fun day......

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