Thursday, February 09, 2012

Riding the Bus

I am back to riding the bus again today. After the last few days of taking care of business for my parents and needing to drive elsewhere than the bus route. Now I will get back on track of riding the bus and saving gas money.

Yesterday the dealing went well. I dealt two tournaments and did get out of the casino early. No one wanted to play a live game so we shut down early. Hopefully today that may change. I would like to get in a session tonight playing the $2-$10 spread.

It is amazing to watch what people do when they have a little alcohol on board. We had a person who decided to get into a conversation about politics with one of the dealers. He went on and on with his views of what is wrong and what should happen. I always believe there are three things you should not discuss in public and those are Politics, Religion and Sex. They just open up so many different opinions that you could get yourself into something you didn't want to do.

Have a fun day......

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