Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Riding High

I worked the first tournament on Sunday and I fully did not have my mind on what I was doing. I made some errors in not being fully engaged in the tournament.

I continued to try to focus on what I needed to do. I appreciated the players and the fellow dealers in letting me work through this. At last the tournament was over and I could move on.

The next tournament was getting close to start and we had almost 20 players signed up. New dealers were coming in and that was going to allow some of us to play in this one. This tournament is the Player of the Week and has good money available to the final table. I will always try to play this one when I can.

With the added dealers I asked if I could play the tournament. I felt I was on this rush from Friday cashing in that tournament and wanted to see if I could continue the run. Since I cashed I was able to pay the lower buy in to play as well.

In every tournament there are a couple of times where you have to win the race to be able to continue. I did that and was moving on in this tournament. I ended up getting to the final table and had some chips to work with as well. In the end the table chopped and we took home some good cash. I did not win the second voucher but will play the tournament on Friday afternoon to try and qualify for Sunday.

We will have the Memorial for my Mom on March 10 so that will be a date that I will be working towards as well. A lot of things need to be finalized and notifications need to be put out. I am so thankful for the DSHS people that helped in keeping Mom where she needed to be. The staff at the Alzheimers Care Unit were fantastic with our family and working with us to keep Mom comfortable. The staff at the Assisted Living facility in keeping an eye on Dad to make sure he is safe and doing well. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Have a fun day......

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