Saturday, February 04, 2012

My Day Off

I really did take the day off yesterday. I think the only thing I missed was the blogging.

I took care of some financial stuff for my parents and then drove into town to get to the bank and Life Creations. Life Creations is the place we chose to take care of both Mom and Dad when they pass away. The main things have been taken care of now and the misc stuff need to be written up and we can just enjoy the last bit of time with Mom and Dad and not worry about how things will get done.

Once that was taken care of I headed over to the Casino to play some live before lunch and going to pick up Dad. I sat down with my usual buy in and didn't play well and gave 2/3 back to the players. The night before I played as well and ended up going home with a +$4. Talk about variance and the time of day I was playing.

I have noticed that I tend to play better in the evening than in the morning. I seem to play a different style and that affects how I play my cards. I will try to play the day time like my evening time and see if that makes a difference.

I have also noticed I don't seem to be taken seriously when I play cards. I get called when I raise and get re-raised when I call. I am trying to figure out if I have a tell or what is going on. Maybe if I wear sunglasses and a hoodie? I don't like playing that way but maybe it would help the image.

Today I am back to dealing for the weekend. Lets hope for a good day and some good tips.

I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost another 2 pounds. Remember my starting weight in October of 2011 was 243 and now I am at 225. The hardest part of this is I haven't done anything different. I am not on a diet plan and haven't exercised. Just loosing the weight. I did have some blood work done to see if there was anything causing this and the lab work came back normal. I would love to see me in the 100's. When I see 199 I think I will throw a party.

Have a fun day.....

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