Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Off

Another day that was uneventful at the casino. It is nice to be able to deal a couple of tournaments and then come home. Thats not what happened.

I was asked if I would come back to work the evening shift if needed. I stayed around the casino and ate lunch. The poker manager came in and and sat at my table. We were able to talk about a couple of items I have been wanting to discuss with him.

The first was trying to get a new tournament started on Sundays. I am trying to get a Shootout going. We have close to 30 players and I think we could have 3 tables and the top two would go to the final table. I want to get this promoted and started soon.

The second area that we discussed was actual poker play. I am trying to get better at my live game and this was a good time to ask questions. I need to make some changes in my game to be more productive and start looking at the bigger picture. I need to look more at the hourly rate and then take care of the greed part in wanting more when I play. I do slow play quite a bit and I think that hurts me in winning pots.

I did try raising last night in the live game and in some cases it did not work. I was also playing some cards I probably shouldn't have. This right now will be a work in progress. I still limped in and slow played when I had the cards at the flop. Overall the buy in for the night was down when I finally left the casino.

Well, another day and I plan on being at the casino all afternoon playing in their tournaments.

Have a fun day......

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