Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day Off

I had a day off from dealing and I was able to make the phone calls I needed to try and finish up my Mom's financial stuff. I still have to talk with Social Security with my Dad this next week but other than that we are just about set to continue on as time will move forward.

I did have my eyes examined and the good news is that they haven't changed since 2009. I am wearing the same prescription as I started with that year. What an accomplishment for someone with Diabetes and I have been fighting everything else so this is good.

I am pretty tired today and I know I will be dealing the 10am, 12pm and the 3:30pm tournament today. I got all of my sleep I was supposed to get but my body is tired. Let's hope I don't mouth off to someone today. Let's just have an easy button day.

Have a fun day......

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