Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sick? Stay Home!!!!!!!

I was trying to write the blog at night and then I didn't make it. I quess I will stay with the mornings and give you the story next day.

Monday was my day off so I decided to get to the casino and play the 10am tournament. We did get a live game going and I was up about $8 when the tournament started. I used it to add on to my chips in the tournament. I really didn't get to far into the tournament and was taken out.

I decided to go back to the casino in the evening and play some live as well as the 6pm tournament. I got into the live game when I arrived and played for about 45 minutes. I was able to increase my stack by $20 by the time the tournament started.

The tournament started right off for me on the first hand. I had top pair on the board and I did a continuation bet. I was called and we saw the turn. It was a low card that I felt only helped me. We then looked at the river card and again it was a low card but I still felt I was in the lead. He went all in and I tanked for a few seconds to figure out if I really was beat. Even though I had enough chips to call him and still have some left over I wasn't sure if I wanted to put everything on the line right off the bat.

Did he really have some sort of straight? Would he have played junk cards like this? I was in the blind so I had just called to see the flop with the blind. My decision was to muck my cards and fight another day and stay in the tournament. Good thing I did. I ended up cashing in the tournament at the end.

I was in seat nine and we had a player in seat seven who was sneezing and coughing at the table. Not covering up when he did sneeze. You could see spray on the table. I was totally not happy. I told the person in seat eight that if I get sick I will be very upset. When I got home that night I went directly to the medicine cabinet and loaded up on vitamin C and then used spray on my hands. I did that at the casino as well because we were touching the chips of this guy. I say again if you are sick stay home. We don't want what you have.

My diabetes issue has not changed and I will discuss next week after I see my physician. Could be changes in my life starting at the end of March. My goal right now is to build the bankroll as high as I can.

Have a fun day.......

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