Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lingering Thoughts

Usually when I am done with a hand in poker I forget about the scenario and move on. I don't let poker hands bother me if I played or not. Now if I have a hand that I feel I could have won I start to think about it and then go over it in my mind to see if I could have done anything differently during the hand.

I am talking about the hand I played in the tournament the other night. It just goes through my mind that I was bluffed off of a situation where I could have taken him out since I had more chips than him. I still feel I had the better hand but why didn't I call. I guess it comes down to position and he put me to the test first. Could I push all in behind him and risk my chips? I guess not. He won by what he did.

This reminds me of one other time that I was bluffed and that was in a Wildhorse Round-up event. I had just gotten out of the tournament and decided to play a live cash game. I had about $200 in front of me and the person on my right went all-in with about $300. I knew I was ahead with Aces but what I didn't know was if he had two pair. Again I was put to the test of the all-in move and I backed down. Again I knew he was bluffing me but I couldn't make the move. He had early position and was making me make the hard decision.

So, this hand will linger on my mind just a little bit longer or forever since I know now I lost two hands that I should have called. It is important to make great decisions at the poker table.

I am wondering what it takes, and how much time it takes, to make a good money producing poker player. I know you have to study and you need to be able to play. The bankroll is important. Having someone critique your game is nice as I have had a couple of online coaches help me with my online play but now it has to be at the live tables.

Everytime I watch the blog on "The Dan's Plan" of making the professional golf tour in 10,000 hours I keep wondering what about the plan for making it as a poker player? Does it exist? Can it happen? I really believe so but you have to find it and get the proper quidance. I am searching as I know my situation is going to change and I am trying to be ready with my bankroll intact to start the next journey.

Having a group of people around you to discuss poker and the hands played has helped. Finding that group is the hard part and keeping in touch with those that play when situations change will make it hard as well.

This is an ongoing project for me. I am thinking of ways to set my quidelines and the rules of engagement. This should be fun.

Have a fun day.......

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