Saturday, March 03, 2012

Poker Birthday

With the day off and I finished some of the stuff I set out to do before next week it was time to hit the casino as a player.

I arrived early so I could sit in on the Live $2-$6 game. This game will run prior to the next tournament which costs $2 to get into. We get about 30 players and makes for a nice fast tournament like a MTT Sit-n-Go.

Back to the cards. I did real well and caught a couple of flushes that built my chip stack. I started with $40 and closed out the session when the tournament started at $110. Nice start for the day.

The tournament started and I didn't get very far and busted out early. This allowed me to go get lunch and then get back to the casino to play some more live poker before the next tournament.

During this session I did drop back the stack of chips to being + $20 over the starting buy in from this morning. I couldn't hold on to the whole amount. So now I am at $20. Time to go and start the tournament.

This tournament is an $8 buy in with T$4000 starting chips. You are able to rebuy for the whole amount if you are felted. I started off real well by tripling up my stack with two other people. I had the nut flush and one other person had a lower flush and the other person had two pair. I do like trying for the flushes if the price is right and the chips in the pot are worth going after.

I then started playing the table more since I had the chip stack to do that. Eventually getting to the final table and working on my chip stack. We got down to 8 players and that is when I started letting people know what the chop amounts are. When we got to 6 players I told the group again and one person said no, which is fine with me because I was just letting them know.

When we reached 5 players I was winning pots and my chip stack growing to be second in chips and the first person said he would chop if he got the biggest amount. This has happened to me before and I don't feel it is fair. I told him that with me winning the last few pots that "I was coming" and working on his stack. When I won the next stack he looked over and said that he would chop. I told him I would do it if he took a lesser amount and we took a more fair chop. He agreed.

I am not a fan of chopping but I am less of a fan of giving someone more money with more chips because that can change in an instant as that was happening real fast last night with me building my chips. Plus I needed to get to an appointment in 15 minutes but didn't want them to know that.

Overall my Bankroll moved up $80 for the day. Happy Birthday to me. After this we went to Red Lobster with our son to celebrate the day.

Off to work I go and have a fun day......

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