Friday, March 16, 2012

I Had Enough!!!!

I was sitting at the final table dealing the tournament and was moving along smoothly. I still have some issues with making sure the chips get divided the correct way with more than two individuals in the all in pots. I am getting better at it and will continue to get that skill down. The hard part is when the players start throwing numbers out at me and then I start getting confused.

After the floor came over and we got the thing figured out it came out alright. This was the first time I had five people go all in and with three different chip counts. To top that off the two with the least amount of chips ended up chopping the pot and another got what was left.

Now we start the next tournament. I was doing fine going along and getting the cards out. We were nearing a blind change and also looking at loosing one more player to get to the final table. I was at the second table with five players and the final table at six players. Someone was talking behind me at the table mentioning a pause to combine.

I turned around to see if we were to pause or if I was to keep dealing since I had just completed a hand on my table. One of the players said for me to continue the deal since he was on the clock and that I needed to hurry. At this point I started fuming. It took me about three hands later and then the table was to break for me to finally say what I have been wanting to say for a long time.

I told the table in general but directed it to the person that had said hurry up to me. I said that I bet that if they were to time me to see how long it took me to shuffle and deal the cards I could beat them with the time it takes them to make their decisions if they were going to play the cards or not. He tried to counter with something and I repeated myself about three times and then I told him I was done with the conversation. My point was made.

In the end he did cash at the final table and he decided not to leave a tip. Let me work this one out. Four dealers splitting his tip of $5 would egual $1.25 each? I think I got my point across.

Last night I went in and played $2-$10 Spread Limit. I started out playing too many cards and it cost me about $40. I need to play tighter when I walk in and sit down. For the next two hours I was up and down with the chipstack but in the end after two hours I was at a minus $40. See, if I would have been smarter at the beginning I may have been on the other side of that column.

On my Birthday I did play a tournament and won a seat for a sattelite into the Seniors Tournament. That would be a fun one to get since I am planning on playing in that one anyway. It would be nice to earn my way into it and spend less money. This will come at the end of the month.

I got a letter from the County yesterday saying that my Mom was to report for Jury Duty in April. Do you think that is going to happen? Where do they want the Urn to sit?

Have a fun day.......

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