Sunday, March 04, 2012


We had a very busy day at the Casino yesterday. I arrived at 9AM and didn't get out of there until 4:30PM. It was long but it was productive. I was kept busy the whole time.

I ended up dealing a couple of tournaments and then we settled in to a live $2-$6 spread game. We alternated every 30 minutes which was better than the every hour the day before. Gets tireing after awhile.

The other day I saw something I hadn't seen before. The dealer was going through the motions of dealing the cards but didn't stop at the river but dealt one more. Would you call that the ocean card? He even went as far as using it to help the person win the hand. We did let him know to pull that card back and relook at the cards.

We are now getting started in giving away 3 seats to the Wildhorse event in April. One Womens, one Senior and one Main Event seat. That should be fun and I don't think I will try for any of them and just play or work the tournaments. If I do play it will be at Wildhorse. It is good to get in via a satellite but right now I have no desire to try for one.

I was talking to a friend the other day and he knew of a trainer that could help me set up some workout regimens and they are easy enough that I don't have to kill myself going to a gym. I will be starting on these real soon as I would still love to loose 50 pounds right now. Total weight is 225 and started at 243 and would like to continue to loose. Need the motivation to continue on after this memorial for my Mom.

I am going on a road trip to College Place tomorrow with my Dad to pick up some music for the Memorial. It will be good to get him away for a day. See the old stomping grounds. Could be hard since Dad and Mom lived there for quite some time. We will see the houses they lived in and where we worked. Might be good for us.

Have a good fun day.......

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