Friday, March 02, 2012

This is my Birthday.....

As far as poker went yesterday it was a good day. I did the usual of dealing one tournament and then two of us continued on dealing the live game until around 4PM. That means the live game went about 5 or more hours. In between dealing and being able to play to keep the game alive I did double up my buy in. In the end I gave some of it back but overall it was a productive day for me.

Once upon a time there was a Prince and Princess who lived far far away in a land of dirt. This is where they got the chance to know each other. One day they made the agreement that they would join forces and be married to one another. The Prince who was now King went away for awhile to serve the mighty country they lived in. The Princess who is now Queen stayed home and prepared their home for his return. They even moved to an area where trees were plenty and the rain came down most of the time.

When the King came back from overseas from his long battle he was able to stay home and not go back. The Queen liked that and from that time forward they decided to have a family. After the family was started they moved to a different land of sand. The King would would work in the big buildings with others and earn the gold that would support his family.

Their first born was a son and he liked to work in the fields. They named him Stacy. He grew up to be a traveler as well and spent time working on the land. He eventually settled down with his family and now works in a building and spends his time teaching kids to play a game with a round ball.

Their second born was a son as well. They were expecting a girl and there was a surprise when a boy was delivered to the King and Queen. They didn't have a name picked out for the little boy but did have a girls name. The name was supposed to be Stephanie Kimberly and since they didn't know what to do they changed the name to Steven Kim. Steve was not a person who enjoyed being outdoors working on the land. One time in the land of dirt the King decided to plant cherry tomatoes. We worked the land after our hours studying in school. Steve eventually worked in the Health Field and spent many hours working on Neonates after they were born. He is now involved in a game with cards.

The third child to the King and Queen was a girl. Her name was Kristi. Even though the Queen would make her look pretty she still hung around with the two brothers and we would play in the dirt. She moved on in time to also work in the health field and eventually staying home to help take care of her grandchild.

Now, while we were in the land of dirt the King and Queen had one more child name Jana. During her time of growing up she was strong willed and anything she wanted to do she would do it and don't get in her way. She would eventually grow up and work in the entertainment area building things to make people happy.

As you can see the King and Queen had 4 children and they all grew up to be able to take care of themselves. The number two son always tried to make sure the King and Queen was near and that they would be happy and safe from harm. The other children would also make sure that if anything was needed it was available to the King and Queen as well. We love the King and Queen of our world.

Today is the Birthday of the number two son. He is now 56 years old and during this time he is taking care of the Queens affairs to make sure they are completed. Your life was happy and we are proud to have you as our Queen.

Have a fun day......

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dusty said...

Beautiful way to tell your story my friend...beautiful! I'm so very sure the queen has been very proud of you even though she now watches you from a far.