Monday, March 05, 2012

Longest Day

This was the longest day I have had to stay at the casino to work. Starting at around 10:30 and getting things set up for the noon tournament. In the meantime we also get a live $2-$6 game going and we usually get the 10 players and we have fun till the tournament starts.

By Noon we ended up with 3 tables and some alternates. That takes us almost to 2:30 to finish and then we get that live game going again. We do well with the live game and people are interested in us getting back to it as soon as we can. We like to have at least 5 players so the Monte Carlo's are in effect for the players.

At 3PM we are ready for the next tournament. This one is te Player of the Week tournament. Since we did not have the tournament last week the money was carried over to this one. It ended up being over $500 being added to the buy ins. We had 4 tables with alternates for this one and I actually left when I was relieved and that was at 6:30PM to go home.

I had a player say something to me during the tournament that I couldn't understand. He was upset but he wouldn't talk with me. Later after we had broken the table and moved them to the final table I was walking past the pit area and one of the dealers informed what was going on. He was complaining that we are not keeping with our policy of keeping players back off of the tables and behind the ropes. I understand this and went over to the floor and told them we needed to either do this or not. But at least be consistant. The floor moved the players back.

I am very happy that my bankroll keeps climbing right now. I did not play today so the tips were the ones that increased the numbers. I do have a number in mind and I am trying to push as quickly as I can to get to that number so I can start working the tables again.

Today I am off and I am headed to Walla Walla to pick up some music my mom enjoyed so we can play it at the church. So much to do right now since family is due in at the end of the week. It will be good seeing everyone.

Have a fun day......

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