Monday, March 26, 2012

Seniors Event

I got to work yesterday and we were unable to get a tournament going. We decided to get a live game going and spend the time doing that instead. We had it going all the way to 3PM and then the Senior's satellite for the seat at Wildhorse started.

I was able to get off the clock and play in this event. I had qualified for my seat the 2nd of March and was anxious to try for my seat at Wildhorse. I plan on playing the tournament at Wildhorse so this would be nice to be able to win the seat and save some money from the entry.

It was a nice tournament playing with the 50+ year old individuals. It is a different game than what the younger generation will play at times. I played in one of the seniors events and it was different than the other tournaments I had played. I ended up placing 10th at the final table. Didn't get as far as I wanted but I was happy to have a chance.

Today is my day off and I went to the casino to play in the morning $2 tournament. We ended up with 20 players. I started off getting some good cards and was able to build my chip stack. Not all of them were winners but I was able to stick around and get to the final table.

Once to the final table anything can happen. I needed to catch some hands and win some all ins with my stack to keep going. I did get 3rd place in this tournament and it paid $40. Nice day at the table.

This casino has spoiled me, I am used to playing down to the final and paying the top three spots. Chopping is something that usually was not done and it wasn't expected. I know we would give fourth place money back but then play it down to the winner. Chopping the pot at fourth place seems to be the norm here at this casino.

Now, when someone doesn't want to chop they are then singled out and people will let everyone else know about what took place. As a dealer I do offer the chop when I am in position to win money just for the sake of customer service. It doesn't matter to me right now but if and when things change that could change as well. Playing to heads up and winning is something everyone should strive for as it will help your game when you get into a bigger game and you want the money and the win.

I am not sure about playing tonight at the casino. I have a doctors appointment today to talk about some of my issues with my diabetes. We will see what happens.

Have a fun day.......

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