Friday, March 23, 2012

Saddle Up

The horse I was riding was gone. When I picked myself up from the ground, after being bucked off, I turned around and could see the horse running away from me. I was sad to see that horse leave. It had given me a lot of rides through the country side seeing the things that were beautiful and it was so comfortable. Yes, the saddle was gone as well. I knew I would never see that horse again.

Now what was I going to do? The horse was gone and I needed to find a new ride. I decided to stay put just in case another horse came along that I could ride. Sure enough a horse did wonder by and I was able to climb aboard and I rode this horse without a saddle for just a little while.
I knew the horse wasn't going to stick around very long as it would wander in the evenings and come back in the mornings. I didn't have a way to corral the horse to make it stay with me.

Sure enough one day he was gone. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to this horse. I didn't have a saddle on him so letting him go was a little bit easier than the horse before. Having no horse to ride again left me in a different spot and now I really didn't have a way to get around.

I was left to wander in the country side for quite some time. Seeing the green grass and the trees on foot left me feeling good though. I was able to smell the air and see things that really was important to me. It wasn't about having a horse, all the time, to go where I thought I should go. Actually having the horse is important but the horse needs to be content with where your at as well.

During this time another horse came by and this one had a saddle on it as well. I thought to myself this is great since this horse wanted to stick with me and stay by my side. This horse had some tricks that had been learned during its time with another owner. In fact it was fun to ride this horse and learn the new tricks. This horse was making me have fun again and I was able to get out and see some new parts of the country that I hadn't seen before.

This horse and I have ridden together for quite a while now and both of us have become comfortable with each other. I am able to jump into the saddle and together we take off and every day is a new day for both of us. Things are going along so well for us that we sometimes forget to look around the corner and see what is waiting for us. We were not looking for the dangers that could affect our ride.

I know that someday this horse is going to get old and may not be with me anymore. I know that things change even in a horses life. If this horse decides to move on then I will have to let it go. I won't take the saddle off and I will be sad to see something happen to the horse but I will continue to walk the country side looking for another ride.

So, this horse is still with me. I will ride this horse until I am no longer able to sit in the saddle. This story is still continuing on and we will see what decisions this horse will make.

Have a fun day.......

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