Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Day!!!!

Dealing on Saturday was going to be a big day for the dealers. We were supposed to deal the early morning and then the noon tournament and at 3:30pm was the tournament that was to draw in a lot of players.

This tournament was a $500 guaranteed at $15 buy in with T$2000 in chips and 15 minute rounds. We ended up having over 40 players sign up. This would have been nice to play as well, but I am dealing. I sit down at table three and prepare the table to deal.

Everything was so loud today I just tried to get into my little zone and push everything out except the players and what they were doing. Remember the other day I had an issue with chips and five all ins. This was on the back of my mind and how was I going to handle my first big push from the players.

Well it happened. I ended up having six players push all in and two of them were for odd amounts. I took that deep breath and then started working the numbers in my head. First I took the even amount and multiplied it out and then I took the odd amount and doubled and added and got the remainder of the main pot. I then took the second pot and put it together and what was left was the third pot. We continued with the hand and it played out correctly. Most of these players know that I have had trouble with this and when I got it done they told me that I did good.

I even had one guy stand up and say to the table that he was impressed in the way I handled it and everyone agreed. This was a big step for me in dealing with all ins and breaking down the chips. They even did it again later and I was able to get it right again. They were not sure about it so we called the floor over and I went over what I did in breaking down the chips and it was correct. I then told the table that I did have it correct the first time.

I know it takes a bit to get the trust of the players and I am hoping I am doing that. I am trying to get the trust of the dealers as well that I can handle the situations that come up. It is a learning process for me and I will get there.

I did play some live $2-$6 Spread in between the tournaments. We were unable to get the required amount of players for the noon tournament so we sat and took turns dealing the live game. When we weren't dealing we were making sure the table was full with dealers in the game. I am not a fan of playing this way as I will usually throw away my $20 to $40 I put up. I play so differently than when I sit down with my bankroll. I need to just sit there and wait for good hands but I also try new things when I am sitting there to see if something might work. Maybe use it in a live game with the bigger buy in. Also to see if players will play against me with certain hands and the position I am in. This is a leak in the game and I am more interested in growing my bankroll right now than letting it go.

I have mentioned on here about me having diabetes. I am scheduled to visit my doctor in a week. I am having some diabetes related issues and will talk about them later. I may start documenting these issues to keep track of what is going on.

I know this blog is about poker related topics but sometimes branching out a little bit about the things that are going on sometimes relates to what is happening at the table. I am a poker player, dealer, a diabetic and a little bit overweight trying to keep all things together. I have a family and just went through my Mom passing away and now dealing with all the paperwork and keeping up with Dad. A lot in my life and I don't mind sharing some of what is happening.

Have a fun day.....

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