Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time Change

Don't you just hate it when the time changes? I know I do and it is hard to get accustomed to each time it happens.

I am trying to switch over to an evening blog but having a hard time remembering my new itenerary for the evening. I am trying to cook more at home in the evenings, putting in some walking or exercise time and then I will study poker and read and then write the blog. I quess you could ask me "How is that going for you"? Not!!!

I am trying to switch over to evening blog writing since that would be the easiest for me. The mornings are tight time wise and if I get going on the bus again it will even be shorter. The idea there is to save some money on gas. The other is trying to be home in the evening and I will try to make dinner since we have gotten to eating out alot.

The restaurants are fun to spend time at since we are given everything and we don't have to fix the meal. Of course, we have to pay for the meal and that costs as well. I was looking at our financials last night and just about all of the expenses out of my account are restaurant related.

I have been trying to improve on my poker skills. I was able to watch a dealer yesterday that comes with 20 years experience at Foxwoods. Watching her deal the cards and move around the table was nice and smooth. Her presence at the table was control of the game. She gave me a couple of tips and I will start to practice them today. I told her we needed to have a technique type of class with her. We are all at different levels and maybe she can help us reach our potentials.

Also watching the players a little bit more. There are certain people who get to the final table more than others. What are they doing? How are they playing so if I happen to play against them what can I watch for? Some of the perks of being a dealer and being a dealer that deals to them on a daily basis.

Got to go to work.

Have a fun day.......

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