Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Road Trip

Today I took my Dad on a road trip. We needed to purchase some CD's and couldn't find the singers in this area. I called down to College Place to see if they might have the group available on CD. Sure enough they had them and they also had the volumes I needed.

I picked up Dad from the Assisted Living apartment and we headed off for the one hour trip. He enjoyed getting out and seeing what is new and being built around the area. He hasn't been on this type of a drive in about 3 years. Seeing all of the new apartment complexes and houses and the size of the housing struck him.

As we left the city and got out into the country he was even more excited to see what has changed. We drove on the new 4 lane highway and he thought that was pretty good. We used to drive these roads alot back in the early 80's and they were all 2 lane back then.

We arrived in College Place and picked up the music. I took him to lunch and noticed how run down the area was becoming. The city fathers want the area not to grow but then again the infrastructure takes a hit as well. They are tearing down a mall. We were totally surprised. We drove around and then we headed home.

We had trouble on the way back. I don't know if it was the travel for the first time or the food. We both had the salad and I was fine. He threw up twice on the way back. I was sure happy to get him back to his room and he wanted to take a nap. Maybe a little too much travel.

I did not play poker on Monday at all. We are getting closer to the Memorial and items need to be taken care of. I am putting in my time for the next 3 days at the casino and then will have 4 days off for family and friends and my Mom.

My question is how does one train for poker? You got to play the games and study the books. How do you know you can be a winner at the tables? Things I will be thinking about. I am building my bankroll and will be using this to keep pushing for better play.

Have a fun day........

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