Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Day to be Playing

Yesterday was the day to be a poker player sitting in one of our chairs at the live table.

I was dealing the live game and we were going along just fine. In my gut I had a feeling we were going to be giving away a Monte Carlo. On Friday and Saturday if you get a set or trips you are given $5. We were doing that and that is not unusual.

Then right before I got out of the box I dealt the Quad Aces. That was worth $460 to the lucky person. My feeling was right and we had dealt the Monte Carlo for the day. I was then pushed out of the box for another dealer.

As we were getting ready to get the paperwork done for the quad's the dealer leaned over and told us he just dealt the Regressive Bad Beat. This one was worth $500 with $300 to the looser, $100 to the winner and then $100 to the players at the table that were dealt a hand at the beginning.

Now we have more paperwork to fill out and get that one done. As we were about to get the stuff completed we were then notified that we had Aces Cracked for a $100 payout. On the Odd days it is the Black Aces and on the even days it is the Red Aces. This became more paperwork.

We did continue to give out the Sets and Trips for the $5 and our day was moving along in a quick fashion.

By the end of the day I had dealt in the live game as well as the three tournaments. I was pretty tired and anxious to get home and eat. I almost stayed at the casino since they were playing a live $3-$6 Limit game. This is a game I enjoy to play and have done well in it. With my mind and my body so tired I was afraid I would become the fish at the table and would not play optimally. Hopefully they will do that again.

Today I will be dealing in one tournament and then I will be playing in the senior's satellite for a seat at the Wildhorse Casino in April. My plan is to play in this tournament either way but winning a seat would be great.

Have a fun day.......

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