Thursday, March 01, 2012

Leap Year

I can just imagine all of those people that were born on the 29th of February and having a birthday every four years.

My story goes like this. My Mom was pregnant with me in 1955-56 and since I was due to come at any moment the doctor wanted to induce my Mom on February 29. Now I am sure they were not thinking about the leap year but were thinking about me and it was time to be born.

My Mom and Dad said no, of course, because they didn't want to have a leap year kid. They wanted me to come into the world when I was ready.

In the early morning of March 2 I was born to my parents into this world. A world with no promises just dreams of what you can accomplish.

So, there you have it. I outlasted the leap year and get to have a birthday every year. Every leap year I wonder what it would have been like though to be born on that day since I was so close.

I am playing a little bit of live cash in the morning with some of the regulars before we get started with the tournaments. So far I have been up $20 each time. Ok, I will grow the bankroll slow. A win at the table is a win and will take it no matter what.

I always say that Spring starts for me on March 1 each year. I don't want to be a winter baby. So welcome to Spring even if it is cold. Today is sunny and cold. At least half of it is right.

Have a fun day......

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