Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Everything went very well for the Memorial for my Mom. We had a lot of help from family and friends that even made it better. Overall it was a good experience for all and now we have to move on since time does move forward. My time and efforts will now move over to my Dad and make sure he is taken care of when and how needed. Not that I haven't already but he is the only one left now and my efforts will be totally there.

I was called late Saturday night to see if I would work a shift in the poker room on Sunday night. I did agree since my family was leaving on Sunday morning. I got to the casino around 5PM and at the time the tournament was to start we had 6 players so it was decided to cancel the tournament. We then decided to sit down and play a live game to see if we could get anyone interested. This consisted of three dealers and two players.

I am not a fan of playing this way but figured I would help. I bought in for $60 and over about a 30 minute time span I was at zero. We had a new player that was hitting cards by playing 72, 83, so forth. We has dealers try to be soft with each other but sometimes we get in our own way trying to do that. That is a whole different story.

On Monday I delivered my sister to the airport and she was able to catch her flight home. I went over to the casino to see if I could catch a tournament at Noon. While I was waiting for the tournament to start I went over and played Ultimate Texas Hold'em and that was a mistake on my part. I was back and forth until it wore me down and I lost my $60 playing that game. I know better but I did have fun. Not one I will play again.

The tournament started with two tables. I was up and down with my chips at the start but was able to keep going when I needed to. We made it down to the final table and I would go all in when I had to keep the chips coming in and I could go another round of blinds. By letting the other players take each other out and being patient I was able to make it with players left and at that time one of the players asked for a chop. We all agreed and we made $40 per person. Almost broke even for the day. I did feel good about the final table play and another dealer that was playing made it as well. Two out of the five were dealers.

We watched the Biggest Looser last night and I must say it is getting interesting now. Loosing weight and feeling better is a goal of mine but like them it is hard doing this by yourself. I need to have someone push me and make appointments for exercising and trying to figure out meal plans. All of this is hard to do. Will try to get back on track.

Have a fun day......

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