Thursday, March 08, 2012

You Played What!!!

Yes, I hear that all the time when I am in the box dealing cards.

I was given the opportunity to play in the $2 tournament in the morning since we had too many dealers for the amount of players. I let them know that I was willing to play in this one and not work.

This tournament has T$1,000 in chips and you can increase your chips by buying more at $1.00 per T200 chips up to $5 for T$1,000 more. I did that since I want to have as much as possible to give me more room to play with the chipstack.

I have learned that I don't just limp into the pot anymore unless it has been raised and then there are calls and sometimes depending on the cards I will call. Now, I know that is not a limp but still it hasn't eliminated any players.

In this case I raised the pot and got a couple of callers. On the flop the cards where in my favor with no flush draw, straight draw and all mid t low cards. I had QQ in my hand. I raised it up and the guy next to me went all in. I thought he could have a set or a small pair. Nothing else scared me so I went all in as well. He turns over A2. You know what happened, he caught an Ace on the river to beat me.

This is the style of play in this type of tournament. I would play my hand the same next time and probably win. I am not frustrated about the outcome but still the question why did you play the A2?

Today is the last day of work till Tuesday. I will have 4 days off for my Mom's memorial coming up on Saturday. My family will start coming in today and everyone will be here on Friday. We are making a schedule for meals and hoping everyone gets taken care of.

Have a fun day......

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